• school education programme European school
  • on 1.9.2008 we opened Year 1
  • all classes with extensive language teaching (Year 1-9)
  • more than 45years long tradition of German teaching
  • German language from Year 1, English from Year 6
  • opportunity of learning English from Year 5
  • from Year 3 maximum 5 lessons of German a week with conversation taught by German native speaker
  • English club from Year 3
  • German and English conversation are taught by native speakers
  • Majority of the teachers are certificated
  • language teachers have experience from abroad
  • testing school for international German examinations DSD, pupils in Year 9 can take the examination for free
  • Exam preparation centre – prepares and entres candidates for Cambridge English exams.
  • language clubs: French, Spanish, Italian from Year 6
  • high acceptance level for grammar and secondary schools
  • afternoon school for primary school children (6:30 – 17:30), school club for lower secondary school Year 5 - 9
  • students trips abroad focusing on using foreign languages
  • regular students exchanges to German, English and French speaking countries.
  • regular skiing trips in all classes from Year 2 (older pupils go to the Alps)
  • sports trips, cycling trips
  • regular anti drug prevention programmes, prevention of bullying initiatives
  • wide range of free time activities
  • cooperation with Club of parents and friends and with School board
  • active participation in movement On own feet - Centipede - for 18 years
  • school canteen is a part of the school, they offer 2 meals, fresh and healthy sandwiches, Internet orders
  • newly reconstructed: modern ICT room for 30 pupils with LCD screens, rooms of afternoon school, locker room, school band studio, modern chemistry and physics classrooms, restrooms

The Primary School Kladska in Prague 2 was founded in 1902. It's got a varied history documented in old school chronicles filed at school and on the school websites. From the school year 1965/1966 on the school has been providing extended language teaching so that we celebrated 40 years of teaching the German language from the 3rd grade in 2005/2006. In 2000, the school's got the title School of the College of Education with Charles University Prague. The staff consists of 31 teachers, school psychologists and 6 educators in the afternoon school. The founder of the school is the Municipality of Prague 2.

School education programme “European School”

A special feature of our school are exchange trips, in particular to the German and English speaking countries, where the pupils stay in families. First, a foreign group comes to Prague, later our pupils go abroad. Our exchange schools are Kooperative Gesamtschule on the isle of Norderney, Grundschule Delmenhorst, and Talschule and Mörikeschule in Backnangnear Stuttgart in Germany as well as Brondby Strandskol in Denmark and Offene Volkschule in Vienna in Austria.

Our school has joined the project Socrates-Comenius. We finished three years of cooperation with Germany, Denmark and Estonia. From 2008/2009 to 2010/2011 we participated in the EU project Comenius with the schools from Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France and Turkey.

Our school became an Exam preparation centre in 2014. We prepare and entres candidates for Cambridge Engish Exams.

Our pupils are successful in various language, scientific, art and music competitions. They are often on front places in regional and state rounds. They are also successful in sports competitions.

Graduates from our school continue their studies mainly at secondary grammar schools.

For drug prevention we cooperate with several organisations. The pupils attend also lectures on health and traffic. They participate at workshops focused on HIV-AIDS, sex education.

We organize An Emergency Day with fire brigade, first aid, cynologists, war veterans, police. We cooperate with City |Police, we organize workshops for the pupils. Students of Dental Hygienic College introduce dental hygiene to our pupils.

Pupils regularly attend concerts and theatre performances during the school year, National Opera, National Gallery and art exhibitions. A number of pupils of the 8th and 9th grade are members of the Young theatre spectators' club and they attend performances together.

Each class has the possibility to spend at least a week a year in the open-air school. From Year 2 all classes spend a week on a skiing trip in the mountains. The upper school classes go skiing to the Austrian or Italian Alps regularly. A third of our teachers have passed the skiing instructor exams.

The cooperation with the Parents' club is excellent. The parents meet once a month and help the school a lot. They organize clubs of languages, music, sports, drama as well as preparation for entrance exams in Czech and Mathematics. They not only sponsor the school, they also do lots of work for the school. Lots of parents and grandparents of today's pupils were former pupils of our school.

There is also a School Board cooperating actively with the school.

Pupils of primary classes can attend the afternoon school . Also pupils of the lower secondary school classes have their after-school club. The school has a playground which is used by school classes in the morning, the afternoon school uses it in the afternoon, and it can be used by the public in the evening.

The school building has also a school canteen which is part of the school. It offers a choice of two meals. There is a possibility of online orders.

Since 1994, the school has actively joined the movement On Own Feet - Centipede. Every year we organize exhibitions where our pupils' works of art are being sold. The money collected helps children who need it most. In the course of 14 years, our pupils have collected more than 250,000 crowns for regions affected by floods, war (Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan) as well as for Thailand. More on www.stonozka.org.

Some important visitors came to our school. The President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus and his wife visited our school, also the former Secretary-General of NATO Lord George Robertson and the Chief of Staff of the Czech Army Pavel Stefka were our guests. Our pupils were accepted by the Secretary-General of NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer in Brussels and by Karel Schwarzenberg in the Prague Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some pupils were appreciated by the former minister of defence Vlasta Parkanová for outstanding literary works on war called Příběhy válkou střižené. School year 2009/2010 was inaugurated by current Minister of Education M. Kopicová. We also appreciated Dominik cardinal Duka – The Archbishop of Prague, Mr. Daniel Herman – The Minister of Culture, Mr. Tomáš Topfer – Actor, Mr. Václav Moravec – moderator, who were also our guests at inaugurations.

Our websites www.kladska.cz are being updated at least twice a week.