The Centipede at the Kladska School

Our school joined the movement in 1994. In January 1997 Mrs. Bela Gran Jensen together with PhDr. Lenka Stetinova from the Office of the President of the Czech Republic visited our school for the first time. They talked to the pupils and were stimulated for further work. Since then we have welcomed a number of important visitors linked with the Centipede.

The highlight was the coming of children from Toronto to our school on 7 December 1997 in the presence of the Canadian ambassador. The children came to take part in the Centipede Christmas concert and lived in our pupils' families. A year later and thanks to a grant from the Canadian embassy, reduced flight tickets from the Czech Airlines, and the support of some parents, 16 pupils from our school visited Toronto. We spent 10 unforgettable days there. The Canadians prepared such a tight programme that we returned back happy and exhausted. We have visited, apart from other things, the American Indian show POW WOW, an Indian school, theatre, cinema as well as Bata' s museumwhere we' ve been welcomed by Mrs. Bata personally. We' ve been also on the CN Tower and have seen the Niagara Falls. We have spent one day in the scientific centre Omnimax and visited the Royal Ontario Museum. The trip has been a benefit for the pupils and long-standing friendships have been established.

In 1999 our pupils met the Secretary-General of the UNO, Mr. Kofi Annan.

The pupils are looking forward to the "Centipede Weeks". We organize expositions of the works of our pupils. The exposition in 1998 was called "Children from Kladska paint for Josef Lada", in 1999 "Master Theodorik with our eyes and hands", and in 2000 it was called "Prague - the European city of culture seen by the pupils from Kladska". In 2001, all our pupils attended the exposition "10 centuries of architecture" and turned their impressions into pictures. The result was another successful exposition. In the school year 2002/2003 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Czech Republic. The exhibition on 17 December 2002 was attended also by 60 children from Kosovo. The children came to the Czech Republic to see how their friends raise money to help others and how they raised money for the reconstruction of their school in Braine. During these weeks our pupils, supported by their parents, have collected 150,000 crowns.

I hope the children will always be willing to help others. At the end of every activity they have the wonderful feeling to have done something for their handicapped friends...

Mgr. Katerina Vavrova


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